Delta Air Lines to hire 1,000 pilots to prevent flight crew shortage

Noticing an increase in the air travel demand, Delta Air Lines is strengthening its operational team. The American air carrier informed its current staff about the future plans of hiring more than 1,000 flight crew members. The optimistic news came out on June 21, 2021. Delta Air Lines plans to expand the existing flight crew […]

Young aircraft maintenance engineer shows true example of perseverance

When Sidhant Sharma first started along his path in aviation, he never imagined he would earn the title of being an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) at Air Canada, and possibly even the world’s youngest Boeing 787 engineer. Sharma has been around aviation his whole life — from being in Air Cadets from a young age, […]

The alphabet of aircraft maintenance: how do airlines ensure jet safety?

Airplane in maintenance service

Some commercial aircraft have spent more than 45-years in active service. But to assure passenger safety, airlines across the globe are required to complete a constant and effective inspection and maintenance program for its fleets. The maintenance of each jet depends on the jurisdiction, particularly the location in which the aircraft is registered. Authorities include […]

Predictive Aircraft Maintenance: established practice or future focus?

Repair and maintenance of aircraft engine on the wing of the aircraft

One of the most prevalent challenges in the airline industry is the need to reduce costs and delays, while maintaining and improving aircraft operational reliability. Currently, airlines and MROs are trying to leverage data and technological progress to better predict and manage aircraft maintenance efforts through predictive maintenance (PdM). What is predictive maintenance and why […]

Is windowless the future for passenger aircraft design?

Portrait of happy confident caucasian airplane crew near plane

According to many of the world’s leading airlines, aircraft engineers, and designers, the aircraft of the future will have no windows. It is a bold statement to make, and one that may even slightly unsettle those with a fear of enclosed spaces, but a love of air travel. The reason behind the future banishing of […]

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