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Welcome to Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute (VCATI), an institute that excels in the training of all aspects of the Aviation Industry. We desire to share our passion for the aviation industry.

VCATI is a General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) CAR147 approved training organization, where our course training is delivered by our dedicated and highly experienced team of instructors, and all of our courses are examined in-house at your convenience.

VCATI provides training in all aspects of the aviation industry, ranging from the technical engineering side, all the way through to the face of an airline, being a Cabin Crew Member, or staying behind the scenes in the Ground Handling department.

We offer effective training solutions using diverse and modern training methods including classroom teaching, Web Based Training (WBT), Computer Based Training (CBT) as well as practical courses with hands-on training and direct access to aircraft, components, parts and engines in our fully equipped engine, airframe and avionics workshops. We guarantee that our perfectly designed theoretical and practical training courses are according to the latest GCAA requirements which lead to the world of aviation professionals.

Awards in Aviation

 Aviation Training Brand of the Year Awards UAE 2020, Concept Aviation Training Institute are the 2020 Global Banking & Finance Awards®

Aviation Training Customer Satisfaction & Happiness UAE 2020, Concept Aviation Training Institute are the 2020 Global Banking & Finance Awards®

CAPT. Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute, Training Chairman of the Year UAE 2020, Concept Aviation Training Institute are the 2020 Global Banking & Finance Awards® The Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute-highly commended in the

“Training Provider of The Year” 2.”Aviation executive of The Year” awards category at the Aviation Business Awards 2019. THE AVIATION BUSINESS AWARDS 2019 Organised by magazine publisher ITP Media Group, the annual Aviation Business Awards has established itself as the ultimate celebration of achievements within the Middle East aviation and aerospace industry over the past 12 months.

Best Aircraft Maintenance Education Provider-UAE” MEA business award 2019.

Meet our Chairman – CAPT. Mohammed Al Suwaidi

Chairman & Founder

Mohammed Al-Suwaidi is the founder and Accountable Manager of Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute. As an Accountable Manager, Mohammed oversees the entire organization’s activities including general compliance under the auspices the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) CAR 147.

Mohammed joined General Civil Aviation Authority, the United Arab Emirates as a Flight Operation Inspector in the Flight Operations Department and reported directly to Executive Director Aviation Safety Affairs Sector for Private and Special Operations, where he conducts routine inspection, surveillance, audits, evaluations and approvals in support of the Helicopter Safety.

Mohammed is an experienced Air Force Pilot of the National Army of the United Arab Emirates, which has empowered him to develop number of transferable core competences, including ranking relations, professionalism, leadership, teamwork, training and development, communication, cultural understanding, planning, organisation, problem solving and the ability to work under pressure.

Mohammed’s career spans more than two decades within the Aviation Industry and is an asset to the company overall.

Meet our Director – Mr. MAHESH CHOUDHARY

Managing Director

Over 20 years of experience in technology entrepreneurship and building companies from concepts. Mahesh has successfully raised equity, debt and mezzanine funds globally.

Our Vision

To create sustainable quality training programs so that the center will always be our client’s first choice.

Our Mission

To make world class Health, Safety, Environment and Quality a way of life. To create a working environment in which our work force can achieve job satisfaction and career development. To provide our clients professional training services with the most competent instructors and best equipment. To manage the company on a sound and professional financial basis in order to achieve the best reasonable return on investment.

Our Values

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality must come first in everything we do in our business. We will conduct our business at all times with integrity, transparency, strong ethical values and a commitment to serve. We will abide by the laws of the land. We believe that the most important asset of this company is its employees. Trust, respect, fairness and dignity shall be how we treat each other within the spirit of working together.