About Our Webinars

Attending webinars is the most effective way to gain knowledge and upskill. By completing our webinars, you will gain a deeper understanding of the AME course, Cabin Crew course, and much more. It seems a bit difficult for everyone to connect in physical events. However, this barrier gets eliminated in the webinars. People can ask questions, participate in polls, and participate in other activities. Participation in our events would be an excellent way of engaging with others, learning, and growing.

You'll Learn

After participating in this webinar, you’ll have a deeper understanding of VCATI’s courses. Various courses are covered, including AME, Cabin Crew, BTEC Courses, and many more. The courses will provide information about your future job prospects, who can take them, why you should take them with us, and much more.

About Our Hosts

Mr. Syed Owais

AME Instructor, Mr. Syed Owais has over two years of experience maintaining Airbus and Boeing aircraft and has taught Aircraft Maintenance Engineering subjects for over two years.

Sameer Hashmi

Mr. Sameer Hashmi

Specialized aviation hospitality and personality development instructor with a work experience of over 14 years with Emirates airlines as Cabin Crew and an overall hospitality experience of over 18 years.

Mr. David Omondi

Training Manager, Mr.David Omondi has more than six years of experience teaching aircraft engineering subjects and five years of experience in aircraft maintenance.

Webinar mr.david
Webinar by Mr.David Omondi
Webinar by Mr.Syed Owais

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