Why are More and More Youngsters Joining the Aviation Industry ?

//Why are More and More Youngsters Joining the Aviation Industry ?

If you are someone interested in travel-related job or career, it’s hard to find an industry better than Aviation. The industry has witnessed exponential growth in the last decade. Moreover, the developing countries are using their aviation sector to grow their economies and connect to the rest of the world. The growth has given rise to a number of job opportunities in various verticals of the aviation industry. A wide range of jobs is waiting to be grabbed by skilled and trained youngsters. Along with this, there are many other perks which attract today’s challenge and adventure seeking young people. The aviation industry is known for its generous benefits, packages, amazing travel discounts for employees and their families.
The top 5 reasons which motivate the young crowd to join the aviation industry.

  1. Shorter Course Duration:
    Unlike other traditional courses, the duration of most of the aviation courses is shorter. Moreover, it gives the aspirants the option of upgrading their courses along with the job. There are various specialization courses which provide students with in-depth knowledge of the operations and procedures of the industry. Explore our different courses which can help you achieve your dream job.
  2. Early entry (after High School):
    Aviation industry offers a perfect career launchpad for students. One can start pursuing their aviation job dreams just after high school. Aspirants must look for a good institute which works on skill-building and providing training based on current industry requirements.
  3. Impressive Growth Rates
    According to statista.com in 2019 the air traffic is projected to grow by another 6 %. It’s predicted that the global aviation industry would reach up to 33.8 bn US dollars in 2019. Currently, the global air transport industry employs 65.5 million people and contributes $2.7 trillion in economic activity. Experts predict that the future of aviation careers looks exciting.
  4. Lifestyle Benefits
     If you love to travel and meet new people, then aviation is the right industry for you. Though in most of the jobs you might not be traveling a lot, yet you can meet various new people from different nations. Along with this, the industry offers a wide range of benefits and perks to its employees to reduce attrition. Aviation is a dynamic industry, and it’s pretty fast-paced. Things move pretty fast here, and it is highly competitive. Each of its employees knows that they are part of a bigger picture here which keeps them on their toes.
  5. Variety of Jobs
    The aviation industry has a number of verticals like maintenance, hospitality, airport, administration, etc. Some jobs which widely depends on age, experience level, and licenses, are airport managers, navigators, engineers, pilots, maintenance inspectors. It also offers various positions in entry level, and they are customer service agents, cabin crew/flight attendants, ground operation staff, baggage handlers, maintenance engineers and service personnel.
    With so many attractive benefits it’s not surprising why our fast-paced youths are getting so fascinated by the aviation industry. If you wish to join the industry get in touch with our guidance counselor to find out best-suited aviation career for you.