Largest Fixed Wing Airplanes

Ever since the human being first looked up the sky and saw birds flying, they have dreamt of flying. However, when humans dream, they dream big. Aircraft engineering has evolved a lot since the Wright brothers’ have made their first maiden flight. Our dream of flying above the grounds has made us create magnificent flying machines in all shapes and sizes. Today we have ultra-light aircraft to large planes like Airbus A 340. Today we are going to tell you

Importance of Theoretical and Practical Education for Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is proving to be an attractive career choice, since the boom in the Aviation industry. The industry has shown exceptional growth in the Middle East for past two decades, and according to Forbes, it will be on similar track for years to come. The dynamic growth also assures a stable career with amazing financial returns and other social benefits. The sector has always been in high demand for AMEs with right skills and appropriate licenses. The AMEs are

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The Aviation Industry

The global aviation industry has been rising exponentially. This exponential rise also driven the aviation industry to strive constantly to bring safety, reliability and customer satisfaction for each air travel. It is the time when the industry needs to look beyond the current ways to enhance resources, improve safety records and control costs. The aviation industry has always welcomed the use of the latest technological advancement to modernise business and improve customer satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way, the

Why are More and More Youngsters Joining the Aviation Industry ?

If you are someone interested in travel-related job or career, it’s hard to find an industry better than Aviation. The industry has witnessed exponential growth in the last decade. Moreover, the developing countries are using their aviation sector to grow their economies and connect to the rest of the world. The growth has given rise to a number of job opportunities in various verticals of the aviation industry. A wide range of jobs is waiting to be grabbed by skilled

Why Aviation accepts people from all fields?

The aviation industry offers some of the most attractive and better-paying jobs. Due to fast-paced growth and entry of several new private and international airlines, more aspirants may find fantastic career opportunities in the field. Airlines are not going anyway, nor are the jobs in the industry. Students who are studying to enter the Aviation industry, can be confident about their prospects. Aviation sector offers a wide range of job options for aspirants coming from a different educational background. Those who

The Fascinating World Of Hot-Air Balloon

Balloons are all something which is loved and fancied by all of us as a child. To some extent, we can say our love for balloons is ageless. We all still get fascinated by balloons flying up in the sky. If you are someone who loves balloons just like we do then you would surely like hot-air balloons too. Hot-Air balloons are lighter than air aircraft(yes, it is an aircraft). All around the world, hot-air balloons are used by tourists

Best And Worst Airlines In 2017

The best airlines list is one of the most anticipated lists of the aviation industry and all the related ones. There are various agencies which publish their list every year. Here’s our list of top agencies who come with this detailed list every year after considering dozens of key factors.

Women As Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

As the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering continuous to grow more number of women are becoming the part of this industry. The existing female workforce urging others to join the field which was till now considered to be male dominant. This gender balance is something which organizations like Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance, Women in Aviation International etc. are trying to address. Though quite a few members still find the Industry hostile, yet there are many Airlines which are