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Various prominent news agencies covered the press conference organized at our institute at the launch of our new aviation and management courses. Jaihind News (Malayalam) mentioned about the various job-oriented courses offered by VCATI. The news channel also shared the insightful information shared by our Director Mr. Mahesh Kumar about the Higher National Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering from BTEC UK. The news also mentions the expected rise in the job opportunities in the UAE aviation sector mentioned by our Chairman


Guest speakers have become an important part of the educational experience. For the VCATI students, the speakers will serve as great role models, and the students can imagine themselves in aviation, in such positions in the not-so-distant future. In this regard, VCATI– The Vision Concept Aviation Institute launches a series of Guest speaker” meetings. 2nd honorary guest speaker Ms.Noof Omar,  First Officer in Emirates Airlines and Youngest Emirati Female Pilot.


GLOBAL INVESTMENT IN AVIATION SUMMIT 2020 gathered professionals and senior leadership from airlines, airports and aviation authorities. The Summit was definitive meeting place for all those for who are interested in aviation system and aviation sector across the world. Among speakers the Chairman and Founder of “Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute” Captain Mohammad Alsuwaidi with a detailed presentation about the latest technologies in aviation, training and human resources, the demand and attractability of the sector for nations, corporations and private investors, including

Industry visit to UAS International Trip Support

Industry visit to UAS International Trip Support. The event was exclusively for students of VCATI to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The discussions revolved primarily around aviation dynamics all based on UAS International Trip Support. Below appended were the points of discussion: · The emerging marketing of Middle East · UAS International Trip Support, main activities and services · The ground operations basics and specifics At VCATI, we believe in balancing both theory and practical training. Industry visits enables students to analyse and understand

Is windowless the future for passenger aircraft design?

According to many of the world’s leading airlines, aircraft engineers, and designers, the aircraft of the future will have no windows. It is a bold statement to make, and one that may even slightly unsettle those with a fear of enclosed spaces, but a love of air travel. The reason behind the future banishing of windows from passenger aircraft is driven by the demand for complete sustainability and environmental awareness across the entire aviation industry. The increase in air traffic is

Delta Air Lines to hire 1,000 pilots to prevent flight crew shortage

Delta Air Lines to hire 1,000 pilots to prevent flight crew shortage Noticing an increase in the air travel demand, Delta Air Lines is strengthening its operational team. The American air carrier informed its current staff about the future plans of hiring more than 1,000 flight crew members. The optimistic news came out on June 21, 2021. Delta Air Lines plans to expand the existing flight crew members’ team by adding more than 1,000 pilots by the summer of 2022 in order